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Special Sessions
  1. Affine Algebraic Geometry S. Abhyankar (Purdue), H. Flenner (Bochum)*, I. Makar-Limanov (Wayne State)
  2. Algebraic Combinatorics P. Hersh (Indiana Univ.)*, Ch. Krattenthaler (Lyon), V. Welker (Marburg)
  3. Algebraic Cryptography D. Goldfeld (Columbia Univ.), M. Kreuzer (Dortmund), G. Rosenberger (Dortmund), V. Shpilrain (City College of NY)
  4. Algebraic Cycles E. Friedlander (Northwestern Univ.), M. Levine (Northeastern)*, F. Morel (LMU München)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by Y. Manin (Northwestern Univ.)
  5. Algebraic Geometry Y. Tschinkel (Göttingen), B. Hassett (Rice Univ.)*
  6. Dirac Operators, Clifford Analysis and Applications/big> K. Gürlebeck (Weimar), M. Martin (Baker Univ.), J. Ryan (Arkansas), M. Shapiro (IPN, Mexico)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by S. Kraußhar (Ghent) [title]
  7. Discrete Geometry J. E. Goodman (CUNY, New York), E. Welzl (ETH Zürich), G. M. Ziegler (TU Berlin)
    with 50 minutes lectures by P. K. Agarwal (Duke University), R. Pollack (N.Y. Univ.) and G. Rote (FU Berlin)
  8. Functional Analytic and Complex Analytic Methods in Linear Partial Differential Equations R. Meise (Düsseldorf), B.A. Taylor (Ann Arbor)*, D. Vogt (Wuppertal)
    with 50 minutes lectures by M. Langenbruch (Oldenburg) and B.A. Taylor (Ann Arbor)
  9. Function Spaces and their Operators E. Albrecht (Saarbrücken), R. Mortini (Metz)*, W. Ross (Richmond)
    with 50 minutes lectures by N. Nikolski (Bordeaux) and J. McCarthy (St. Louis)
  10. Geometric Analysis V. Nistor (Penn State), E. Schrohe (Hannover)
  11. Geometric Topology and Group Theory C. McA. Gordon (Austin), C. Hog-Angeloni (Frankfurt)*, W. Metzler (Frankfurt)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by P. Teichner (Berkeley) [title]
  12. Group Theory L.-C. Kappe (SUNY Binghamton), R. F. Morse (Evansville)*, G. Rosenberger (Dortmund)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by B. Eick (Braunschweig)
  13. Hilbert Functions and Syzygies U. Nagel (Kentucky), I. Peeva (Cornell)*, T. Römer (Osnabrück)
  14. History of Mathematics (including a special workshop on Mathematics and War) T. Archibald (Acadia Univ.), M. Epple (Frankfurt), J. McCleary (Vassar Coll., NY), N. Schappacher (Darmstadt),
  15. Homotopy Theory P. Goerss (Northwestern Univ.), H. W. Henn (Strasbourg), S. Schwede (Bonn)*
  16. Hopf Algebras and Quantum Groups S. Montgomery (USC, Los Angeles, CA), H.-J. Schneider (Univ. München)
  17. Mathematical Physics L. Erdös (Univ. München), M. Loss (Georgia Tech)
  18. Mathematics Education G. Törner (Duisburg)*, A. Schoenfeld (Berkeley)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by A. Schoenfeld (Berkeley)
  19. Modules and Comodules S. R. Lopez-Permouth (Ohio Univ.), R. Wisbauer (Düsseldorf)*
  20. Multiplicative Arithmetic of Integral Domains and Monoids S. C. Chapman (Trinity Univ., San Antonio)*, F. Halter-Koch (Graz), U. Krause (Bremen)
    with 50 minutes lectures by A. Geroldinger (Graz) [title] and B. Olberding (New Mexico) [title]
  21. Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems T. Bartsch (Giessen)*, Z.-Q. Wang (Utah State)
    with 50 minutes lectures by N. Dancer (Sydney, Australia) and B. Kawohl (Köln)
  22. Nonlinear Waves H. Koch (Dortmund), D. I. Tataru (Berkeley)
  23. Ordinary Differential, Difference, and Dynamic Equations W. Balser (Ulm)*, M. Bohner (Missouri-Rolla), D. Lutz (San Diego State)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by W. Kratz (Ulm)
  24. Quantum Knot Invariants A. Beliakova (Zürich), U. Kaiser (Boise State)*
    with a 50 minutes lecture by V. Turaev (Strasbourg)
  25. Representations and Cohomology of Groups and Algebras D. Benson (Athens, Georgia), H. Krause (Paderborn)*
    with 50 minutes lectures by R. Farnsteiner (Bielefeld) and J. Greenlees (Sheffield)
  26. Set Theory J. D. Hamkins (City Univ. NY), P. Koepke (Bonn), B. Löwe (Amsterdam)
    with a 50 minutes lecture by M. Foreman (Irvine, CA)
  27. Spectral Analysis of Differential and Difference Operators E. Korotyaev (Potsdam and HU Berlin), B. Mityagin (Ohio State), G. Teschl (Univ. Wien) *
    with a 50 minutes lecture by P. Djakov (Sofia Univ.)
  28. Stochastic Analysis on Metric SpacesL. Saloff-Coste (Cornell), K. Th. Sturm (Bonn), W. Woess (Graz)*
    with 50 minutes lectures by B. Driver (Univ. California San Diego), F. Götze (Univ. Bielefeld), , G. Lawler (Cornell Univ.) and K.-Th. Sturm (Univ. Bonn)
  29. Topology of Manifolds M. Kreck (Heidelberg)*, A. Ranicki (Edinburgh)
  30. GAMM-SIAM Special Session on Topics in Applied Mathematics subdivided as follows (titles and organizers in part not yet confirmed):
    a) Algebraic Approaches to Preconditioning, H. Faßbender (Braunschweig)*, A. Frommer (Wuppertal)
    b) Control Theory
    , P. Benner (TU Chemnitz)*

    c) Mathematical Problems of Mechanics
    , F. Pfeiffer (TU München), J. Scheurle (TU München)*

    d) Multiscale Problems
    , Oscillations in Partial Differential Equations and Homogenization, A. Mielke (Stuttgart)*, T. Hou (Caltech)

    e) Numerical Partial Differential Equations/Equations with Inherent Conditions
    , R. Jeltsch (ETH Zürich), M. Lukacova-Medvidova (TU Hamburg-Harburg)* , J. Mac Hyman (LANL, Iowa State University)
    Speakers: 1. R. Hiptmair (ETH Zürich), 2. C.-D. Munz (Stuttgart), 3. M. Torrilhon (Hong Kong).

    There will be a poster session, but no session for contributed papers.
  31. *= organizer responsible for abstracts